Been a while ….

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged … Sorry :/ 

Summer was so fun & I was too lazy to write anything :) 

Today & everyday I try to remember to be thankful …. Thankful for even the annoying things. So here’s a little list of a few things to be “Thankful” for 

Laundry – literally my biggest nemesis ….. But I should be thankful I actually have so many clothes that my laundry piles up & then I actually get to wash them in these amazing inventions called washers & dryers!!!! I mean I could have to hand wash everything & hang it to dry which would really result in no clean clothes ever in this house. 

Toddler tantrums – although my threenager is fairly easy (especially since she’s my one & only) there are times that I would love to drop her off at daddy’s work & run to the wine bar….. And again I remind myself to be thankful for each & every previous minute with each other. My threenager is healthy, happy & not sitting in a hospital battling a rare cancer or disease, where I would be wishing she was just throwing a tantrum for more cookies. 

Paying Bills- I always dread paying the bills as I’m sure everyone else does too…. But good news is that we can afford to actually pay for these things called luxury Bills!!! Mortgage, cell phone, water, electricity, someone to pick up all my  garbage that I just have to leave on the curb!!! I’m not walking miles to a village well, living without electricity or hauling my garbage somewhere to dispose. Not to mention I’m even using my cell phone to write this blog! 

Getting gas- in a perfect imaginary world my car would be self sufficient & never need maintenance. My favorite thing to do is pull into the gas station with my screaming threenager begging to get out of the car while I pump gas! Buuuuut how blessed am I to have not only a car but a working car! I’m not having to haul my little one around on public transportation or hitch rides from family & friends. 

Political differences – I’m the total opposite of wanting to discuss politics but can I just say that here in America we are so blessed beyond belief!?? We may not agree on issues or who we want in office & Yes we have had our attacks on the country, we have shootings, crime, crazy people galore buuuut we also are not having to flee for our lives on a daily basis. We are able to pick up our smart phones, dial a 3 digit number that will bring someone literally at our beckoning call to come help me in case of an emergency. I’m not running on the countryside looking for a boat to board my family to hopeful safety. 

This list could go on forever, but hopefully it just reminds us to be an little or a lot more thankful today;) 


Calling all Party Animals 

This is the theme for Haven’s 3rd birthday! 

The invites are out so I thought I would share what they look like;)

First I painted a bunch of little animals gold …. 

I used my favorite Etsy shop Melissa Olson to custom make the invites & address labels 😉 

Then gathered the rest of the supplies to put them together …. See below for the final results 😉  





Since having a baby & now a toddler I have come to the unpleasant realization that some modern conveniences are major fails for me now! 

I’ve compiled a little list of my favorite “fails” after getting input from my other mom friends;) 
1. Automatic Voice Customer Service- 
This is absolutely a joke when you have a toddler talking or screaming in the background & all you hear from the computer voice is “please repeat, I’m having a hard time understanding you”. No kidding computer!!!! Connect me to a real human that can hear my toddlers frustration at how long this phone call is taking! 
2. All voice or Bluetooth Speaker devices! 
What is the point of connecting your phone to the cars Bluetooth when the only person getting words in edge wise is your 3yr old! 
I have this joke with my BFF because I prefer using the old school headphones with the microphone instead of Bluetooth car devices … Because they’re old school we have nicknamed the headphones “80’s” …. Like from the 1980’s circa haha 
3. Automatic water faucets
Picture this:
Mom carrying her baby in a front facing baby ergo while lifting her 35lb 3 year old to wash her hands (after touching every God forsaken item in the public restroom) and to have the automatic water faucet sensor not “sense” her or her two children to actually turn the water on!!! 
4. Remote Controls 
It seems these are children’s favorite items to play hide & seek with! Especially the slim sleek Apple TV remote :/
5. Ink pens/Markers 
As these are useful in so many ways … They seem to end up all over the child, walls, tables…. Basically everywhere but on the paper!!! 
6. The Stroller 
Now this item WAS incredibly useful …. Until my child turned about 2yrs old & now it’s more of a cart than stroller. If I’m in constant movement she will sit in it. But the moment we stop she must get out & then in & then out & then in. I will say that it does come in handy carrying my other shopping bags though.  


7. Binkys
The revenge of the binky! The Binky, aka pacifier, was a lifesaver from birth to 2yrs. Now trying to pry that thing away from my toddler at night is like taking an appendage away from her! Sleep training all over again!!  


8. Automatic flushing toilets 
After all that diligent time spent at home potty training your toddler it’s time to go out in the real world & take her potty like a big girl! 
Then she sits on the public toilet that violently flushes while she try’s to concentrate on going potty, terrifying her to never wanting to sit on a public toilet again! 
9. The Digital Camera
I’m ever so grateful to capture every precious moment of my little one at a moments notice wit my iPhone. BUT the modern convenience fail is that I now have 20,000+ photos that I need to go through & actually put into albums! And it’s not like I have free time to edit these photos with all the amazing filters offered either! 
10. The Iron 
How can I possibly iron safely?!? 
My little is pulling on me, pulling on the ironing board… Wanting to help, or do it herself! This thing that used to make my clothes look new again is now the biggest death trap!  


What Works?

Things that work in our marriage:

Although I am no expert & have no certification in any area of relationships …. We have managed to stay happily married for 11+ years now:) And don’t get me wrong we are not perfect, but I thought I’d share some things that do work for us;)

-Date night!!!! – not everyone can do this as frequent as we do but we have date night EVERY Wednesday night. Yup every Wednesday night of every week all year long!
We have a standing babysitter that comes, same time every week. We picked Wednesday because it’s usually a guarantee that there won’t be a conflicting engagement/plans. This time together allows us to have adult time & reconnect even if it’s just a quick bite to eat;)

-Veto Card-
If there is something that makes the either uncomfortable… Like hanging out with a certain friend that the other doesn’t care for, or going to an event that the other wasn’t invited to etc…. We just use a “veto” letting the other know why we aren’t comfortable with that situation & respect each other’s feelings. For example we both agreed long ago that we would not be comfortable with the either going to Las Vegas without each other. Not that we don’t trust each other … We just don’t want to put doubt or any ideas in each other’s head that we can’t be trusted. So wether it be for work or an event … We go together or don’t go;) …. Not saying anyone has to have this same agreement, it’s just an example that works for us;)

This is a big one! If something is bothering us we promise to speak up! Holding things in or trying to pick our battles doesn’t work well for us. We’ve found that discussing an issue (not in the heat of an argument), no matter how small, talking about everything brings you closer. But we have to remember to talk to each other with love & not frustration or anger.

Biggest one of all! Tell each other, show each other, in all ways humanly possible that you love each other. Whether it be the tone in your voice during an argument, or a big surprise … Everything you do & say, do so with LOVE! Love with realistic expectations too. Don’t expect something that you know the other isn’t capable of, love them for their flaws, work through each other’s flaws together rather than apart, be a single unit.

Perfection does not exist. We as a species will NEVER be perfect. Humanly impossible. So learn to love the flaws & work together instead of against each other. No marriage/relationship will ever be perfect…. But it can be perfect for you …. It is what you make it.

Often times we get so busy trying to do our separate interests that we forget to plan fun things together. The more time we spend together the closer we are & the less we annoy each other lol
So plan a day trip together, maybe with another couple, wine tasting? A trip to the city? Or even a hike? Just do things to keep it FUN!

Don’t waste the one life you have, enjoy each moment together & drink good wine;) 

Xoxo- Noelle 

Hawaiian Vacation

We went to Maui a few weeks ago & of course my little one came because I have separation anxiety lol. 

So I thought I’d share a little of our trip! 

This was a trip with my husbands company so they picked location & accommodations;) 

We stayed at the Black Rock Sheraton on the Kaanapali side & even though it was a little cold & rainy this year it was still gorgeous!  


Haven even tried to learn the Hula;)  


In Lahaina there was the cutest gelato shop that of course my husband had to stop at!  


And then to keep the sugar rush going we had to get Hawaiian shaved ice!  


Our hotel had a little setup to make your own flower lei! I couldn’t resist! It was so relaxing too!  


Here are some fun random moments that were to cute not to share;)  


Love traveling to Hawaii! It’s super kid friendly & not to far away! I recommend it to any family looking for a vacation! 

Little Equestrians 

Today we visited the cutest place called Little Equestrians located in Orangevale, Ca 

Haven got to feed chickens, play with a bunny, paint toy horses & ride real horses! 

She absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back! The cost was only $10, you can find them on facebook Click here😉 

Spots fill up fast so check there page often! 

New beauty favorite!!

I want to start with I am not selling these products or benefiting from any sales made. I just wanted to share how much I LOVE this product line that someone introduced me to! 

It’s called Beauty Counter & their mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone! Read full story Here;)

Each product offers a wealth of knowledge about the chemicals found in most products that cause cancer or other illnesses & how their product differs. 

I’ve been using this line for a couple months now & love the way my skin is feeling and looking! 

My favorite product is the nourishing cleaning balm! It’s goes on so silky & can be used to remove makeup, or as a moisturizer! This is my new must have item! 

I’m using their countertime line right now to help with the ever present aging haha;) 

Feel free to check it out & ask any questions to my personal rep Melissa Atkinson 😉 Shop here;)

Her email is

Yummy Date Paste/spread ;) 

Here at the Collins house we rarely use sugar to sweeten things anymore …. So my favorite alternative is using Dates!!! They’re super sweet & literally taste like sugar! 

Here is how you can make an easy 2 ingredient paste/spread: 


-package of Dates 

-plant based milk (unsweetened) 

Put the dates in a shallow sealable container & then cover with the milk;) 

Then put in fridge overnight;) 

Next day, remove the pits (see photo) & put into a strong blender. (I use a vitamix for best results) 

Blend until smooth! Then put in mason jars to store in fridge;) 

That’s it!  We put it on toast or use it in baking or on peanut butter sandwiches;) 

Grandparent gift idea!

Be my Valentine!

Just thought I’d share a few of my favorite Pinterest ideas I’m thinking of trying!!!

Maybe one of these for Haven to give to her friends & my husbands co workers?






Maybe one of these for my 1st Valentine?



At last but not least a couple cute decor ideas:)


Feel free to look at my “Be Mine” Pinterest Board for more ideas:) click here;)

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